Your furbabies are looked after like our own...

Dandelion Den was born from a love of all animals and seeks to provide the perfect place for your rabbits or guinea pigs to board. We strive to create a true "home from home" experience. We have always kept small animals ourselves, and wished to offer somewhere which could compete with the love and attention your pet receives when they are in your care, at home. We are based in Woodley, Berkshire, not far from the A329M and Showcase Cinema Roundabout.


From 2020, ONLY TWO GARDEN SPACES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR BOARDING due to re-opening at a smaller scale.


Boarding is provided in our family garden and your pets are treated as our own for their stay.


We are huge animal lovers and have three rabbits of our own - Lilly, Pippin and Winter.


We happily board:
Guinea Pigs 
Hamsters/Gerbils if you have other pets staying with us

We regret that we do not have the free space within our facility to board birds, reptiles, chinchillas or rats. 


The Warren 


Our garden holiday "suites". We have two large hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs which meet or exceed welfare recommendations, being either 6ft or 7ft long with extra height and depth.They are all as individual as the bunnies and piggies who enjoy their holidays in them with homely decorations on the walls. They are, of course, thoroughly cleaned with vet grade disinfectant and steam cleaned between guests. 


Holidays are "all inclusive" and housing is fully equipped with bedding/litter trays as appropriate, bowls and bottles and homely additions.


Housing is solid timber in design and fitted with safe and secure predator proof bolts. Weld mesh to doors with removable shutters for winter months to keep guests draught free and dry. Hutches are arranged in a sheltered "courtyard" style in a safe and secure garden.


We use newspaper and  Auboise bedding (or alternative dust extracted equine bedding if unavailable), litter trays with wood pellets and piles of fresh, organic hay.


We do not exercise on shared grass at Dandelion Den as this poses health risks to small furries - it cannot be adequately disinfected. We do have pens which are put up on hardstanding for periods of supervised play but this is not every day and guests are not put out to pasture/in runs. Aside from any infection risk, we have found that constant movement of guests from one place to another causes additional stress as their territory changes. Plenty of enrichment activities and toys keep guests entertained in their own spaces, which they will make their own for their holiday. Our housing is generous and allows for toys, tunnels and play and piles of hay, dried grass (Readigrass) and picked fresh grass and forage are offered.



Our hutches are treated with pet safe preservative and are fitted with removeable bespoke perspex shutters, to keep your pet and their holiday home warm and dry in the British weather. Snugglesafe heat pads are used throughout the colder winter months, ice pods in summer.


Copyright 2022, No animals were harmed in the making

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