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A home from home for your pet

We offer boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs whilst you relax on holiday. Having had a break, we have re-opened as a much smaller boarding hotel with only two spaces available at any one time. 

We are a home-from-home, friendly affair and strive to ensure that your pet is given the very best in attention and care. We do book up very quickly in the peak holiday periods - especially Christmas and the school holidays in the summer so please book early! Check out our Facebook page for what happens day to day and to read our reviews.
Pricing is on our "Services" page. 


Peace of mind while you are away

  • Vet recommended

  • Only two boarding bunks available, to ensure personal attention at all times.

  • We only accept vaccinated, neutered rabbits (from 1 August 2016, rabbits need to be vaccinated against the new strain VHD2 as well as VHD/Myxi).

  • We use veterinary grade disinfectant and steam cleaning

  • Large, clean, comfortable, luxury 6ft/7ft housing 

  • Pets are fed their usual diet, supplemented with fresh vegetables and herbs, forage and free-flow, top quality, organic hay


For their safety and others staying with us, we ask to see a record to show up to date vaccinations for rabbits against Myxomatosis and VHD1 and 2. There are TWO SEPARATE vaccines required, given at least 2 weeks apart. Nobivac for Myxi/VHD1 and Filivac for VHD2. It takes a rabbit 21 days to build up immunity from the day they are vaccinated, so please allow at least a further three weeks after the last vaccination before the start of your rabbit's holiday with us. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THE VACCINATION REQUIREMENT.



*Neutering your rabbit prevents disease and curbs unwanted behaviours. Un-neutered rabbits spray, chew, are territorial and more prone to stress in new environments as well as causing upset to other guests. For more information on the benefits of neutering, please see here: WE ONLY ACCEPT RABBITS WHO ARE CASTRATED/SPAYED. If your rabbit is too young to have this procedure or cannot have it on medical grounds, please speak to us before booking.






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